The Réseau de transport métropolitain is changing its name to exo, which will combine all of the train, bus and adapted transport services around the greater Montreal area, and more specifically the North and South.

We may be changing our name, but our mission remains the same: to be an efficient and friendly transit service.

Exo is here, welcome aboard!


Why that name?

Exo has become shorthand for anything that lies outside something else, so it’s the ideal term to:

  • simply designate the territory we serve with our buses and trains, namely greater Montreal’s northern and southern rings, although we also transport commuters from Montreal, Laval and the South Shore who connect with our trains;

  • convey the notion of escaping the city. And that’s the feeling we want to give to our customers: worry-free time for themselves on their daily commute.

You can try the new exo.quebec home page today!

A beta version of our home page is on line. Have a look and answer our short survey to help us improve it.

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