Mission, vision and values

Our mission: moving people in an efficient and enjoyable manner

Moving people is exo's raison d'être

Whether by commuter train, bus or paratransit service, we are committed to offering all our customers—be they regular, occasional or reduced mobility users, as well as visitors to the metropolitan region—daily commutes that are fast, reliable, integrated and pleasant.



Our vision: Targeting service excellence by being proactive, innovative and flexible

Offering exemplary service is top of mind at exo

Every day, we strive to go beyond our customers’ expectations by adapting our actions to their reality as we maintain a smooth and efficient public transit experience for all. 


Our values

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Engagement
  • Respect

At exo, we embody these values in our daily interactions among ourselves, as well as with our partners and customers, all while ensuring our actions are rooted in sustainable development.