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Public meetings

Every year, exo holds two public information meetings: in March and in November. During these meetings, which are in addition to the annual public Board of Directors meeting held in June, the general public is invited to learn more about a host of topics relating to exo’s activities and operations.

These meetings will also include a question period with exo staff and are held online or face-to-face. Join us to discuss the activities and strategic directions of our public transit network.

Please note that these public meetings are held in french.

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The next public meetings will be held on June 13 and November 7, 2024.

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June 13, 2023, 7p.m.

public information meeting

About the question period

The question period will end one (1) hour after it has started, unless the Board chairperson decides to extend it, or to end it early, should the people in attendance have no more questions.

Yes. A question may be deemed out of order if:

  • It is preceded by an unnecessary introduction
  • It contains speculation, emits an opinion, infers something or other, makes suggestions or starts attributing a motives
  • Requires an answer that constitutes a professional opinion or personal assessment
  • It relates to a case pending before court or to a quasi-judicial body, or a matter under investigation when, in the latter case, the statements could be detrimental to a natural person or legal entity
  • It uses seditious or abusive language
  • No one may ask a question that uses language that is violent, hurtful or disrespectful to exo, its Board of Directors, or to anyone else.
  • Please also note that members of the media are welcome to attend the meeting as observers; however, the question period is for participants from the general public only.