Fare zones

Understanding the new fare zones

The fare zones for Greater Montréal are geographic areas associated with the fare you must pay to use public transit, regardless of your mode of transportation. Whether you’re travelling within a single zone or from one zone to another, here’s how to find the right fare.

Map of zones on the regular exo transit network

Identify your zones of departure and arrival

Following the fare reform on July 1, 2021, the fare zones have changed. There are now four zones—A, B, C and D—instead of eight. Ensure that you properly identify your new travel zones to find the right fare.

If you’re not sure which zone your municipality is located in, see the list of cities below.

The zones in brief

  • Zone A
    Island of Montréal
  • Zone B
    Agglomeration of Longueuil and City of Laval
  • Zone C
    North and South Shores
  • Zone D
    Outside the territory

Trip examples

Example 1
If you depart from Saint-Jérôme and travel to Montréal, you will travel from Zone C to Zone A. You will therefore require an ABC fare.

Example 2
If you travel within Saint-Jérôme, you remain in Zone C. You will therefore require a fare that covers this zone.

Are you a paratransit customer?

Please note that paratransit zones remain unchanged, except for Zone D. More details

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