OPUS card

The OPUS card

The OPUS card is your trusty travel companion! Its chip allows you to load all transit fares of the Greater Montreal region.

With the OPUS card, you can transfer between all modes of public transportation in the metropolitan network.

Buy one

You can buy an OPUS card for $6 at:

Reload it

The OPUS card is very versatile! It can be loaded with all kinds of fares (membership, monthly pass, single or multiple fares) and for various transit agencies. You can reload it:

Replace it

The OPUS card does not last forever! It has an expiry date, after which it won’t work, even if it’s still loaded. According to your travel needs, you may have to get a new one in order to load your next transit fares. A replacement fee is applicable.

For all information concerning the expiry date of your OPUS card, click here.

Your OPUS card will expire in less than three months?

Get a new one before the expiry date and transfer the valid fares it contains by heading to one of our metropolitan ticket offices. A replacement fee is applicable for this new card.

Your OPUS card is already expired?

See our Processing an expired OPUS card page.

Register it

Why should you register your OPUS card? Because it is your guarantee in case of loss, theft or damage! For a minimal replacement fee, you will get back all the fares that were loaded on it.

Register your OPUS card.

Get an OPUS card with photo

You are eligible for a reduced fare? You will need an OPUS card with photo. See how to get one.

Get an OPUS card with photo.

Validity period and cost

The validity period and cost of the OPUS cards vary according to the type of fare purchased and the rate you are entitled to. See all details below.

Monthly, booklets or tickets

The 6 available types of OPUS cards
Fare Age Validity period Price
Regular* All ages 4 years $6
Reduced** 6 to 11*** 1 to 5 years.
The card remains valid until October 31 of the year the child turns 12
Reduced** Student 12 to 14 y.o. 2 years $15
Reduced** Student 15 to 17 y.o. 1 year $15
Reduced** 65 and over 7 years $15
Student** 18 to 64 y.o. 1 year $15

* The regular fare applies for all those who do not hold an OPUS card with photo.

** You must have a valid OPUS card with photo to benefit from reduced or student fares.

*** Children 11 years old and less, accompanied by a person aged 14 and over with a valid transit fare, get to ride free within the metropolitan area. They don’t need to have an OPUS card.