exo – Occasional smart card

The occasional

For your occasional trips

Are you visiting the area? Want to try the bus or train? Are you looking for a card to make occasional trips? You need the occasional smart card!

What is the occasional?

It’s a bit like the OPUS card’s little sister. The occasional smart card is sold with 1, 2, 6 or 10 tickets of the same fare on a single card, making it perfect for your occasional trips!

You may only select one type of fare on your card. Here are the options available to you:

1 trip*

  • All Modes (bus, train, metro)

  • Bus and Out-of-Territory Bus

2 trips

  • All Modes (bus, train, metro)

  • Bus and Out-of-Territory Bus

6 trips*

  • Train Zones 3-4-5

10 trips

  • All Modes
  • Bus and Out-of-Territory Bus

*Available for certain sectors only.

1 unlimited pass

  • Unlimited evening
  • Unlimited weekend
  • 24h zone A
  • 3 days zone A

The occasional card is non-reloadable. You may recycle it when finished using it.

How much does it cost?

The occasional card is free! The fares you load are charged at the regular rate.

See the fares

Where can I buy an occasional smart card?

  • Fare vending machines

  • Ticket offices and sales outlets

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3 tips to maximize your experience!

Take advantage of transfers

Each trip gives you 2 hours to make free transfers between transit vehicles (excluding taxibuses).

Travel as a group

If you are travelling as a group, make sure that everyone has their own card. The occasional smart card may only be used by one person per trip.

Children aged 11 years and under ride for free (provided they are accompanied by a person aged 14 years and over)!

See the contents of your card

Here’s where you can see how many tickets remain on the card, as well as the expiry date:

  • On the Chrono app

  • At fare vending machines and reloading machines

  • From an agent at a ticket office

  • On the fare validator when using a ticket (to see the amount of tickets remaining).

OPUS card

Want to reload your smart card or take advantage of a reduced fare?

Discover the OPUS card

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