Four typical winter issues and four solutions for buses

Monday, January 07 2019

exo bus on the street

Solutions for buses to overcome difficult winter conditions

In winter, travelling by bus with an experienced driver is much less stressful than taking your car! But weather conditions can be tough for our vehicles, too. That’s why exo has taken steps to limit the impacts of winter conditions for buses.

Pour chaque problème hivernal, nous avons une solution pour nos autobus.

Here are some of the initiatives our teams take to prevent problems and delays.

The problem:

Like any vehicle, it can be difficult for buses to start in cold weather.

The solution?

Our drivers start their engines ahead of time to ensure they have sufficient time to resolve any issues and be ready to leave on schedule.

The problem:

Reserved bus lanes aren’t cleared of snow.

The solution?

Thanks to our arrangements with several municipalities, snow clearing is prioritized on certain streets near stations and terminals as well as on routes used by our vehicles.

The problem:

Buses aren’t adequately heated inside at the moment of departure.

The solution?

When they are stopped, buses are connected to an external power supply that runs their block heaters. The heating system is also checked before departure.

The problem:

Cold weather increases the risk of mechanical failures and leaks, which prevents various components, such as doors, from working properly.

The solution?

Freezing temperatures can cause a lot of damage. That’s why we deploy an additional team of mechanics when extreme cold is forecast in the morning.

Generally speaking, before your departure we check the following:

  • Heating systems
  • All compression systems (suspension, brakes)
  • Engine systems and hoses (such as radiator hoses)

We also use wiper blades that are specially designed for winter conditions.

Did you know?

In winter, a team of backup drivers is on standby to get you to your destination on time!

Want to know more about the impacts of cold weather and precipitation on our service? Read the winter bus plan.