In brief

In operation from 1887 à 1980, the Candiac line was re-opened in 2001 to mitigate traffic congestion caused by roadwork. Train service was progressively increased to respond to rapidly growing demand.

In 2005, the Candiac line was extended from Delson to Candiac, and made permanent in July 2009. Starting in downtown Montréal, this line crosses the St. Lawrence River to service the south-western region all the way to Candiac.

Years in operation


1887 to 1980
Return to service: 2001
Extension: 2005

Outsourced operator



Rolling stock (RTM property)


Line length

25.6 km




Park-and-ride facilities


Daily departures

18 (average)

Weekend service


Terminating station

Lucien-L’Allier station

Connection with the metro


Lucien-L’Allier and Vendôme stations, via the eponymous train stations

Average daily ridership (2016)


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Candiac itineraries

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Trains on the Vaudreuil/Hudson line will run on a Sunday schedule on Quebec's National Holiday and on Canada Day, June 24 and July 1st, 2024.